Think Outside the Beige Box

As we mentioned in last week’s post, we’re gearing up for the debate of whether or not a professional stager is worthwhile. So, as a warm up, today we’re looking at the advice most stagers give when it comes to painting your home to sell: neutral for the win.

Stagers urge sellers to go with a neutral palate for obvious reasons. Neutrals are not distracting, they open up the space, create a calm and unobtrusive feeling, and transform the room into a blank canvas for the buyer to imagine their own decorating style. But neutral doesn’t mean you have to paint the entire interior beige. There are lots of options like tans, greys, violets, calming greens, blues, muted reds and oranges (all earth tones really), browns, and yellows you can use to your advantage as well. In fact, taking a look at the psychology behind different colors, there are certain strategic colors for the different rooms in your home.

From Walls Alive Painting

We’re not saying paint your kitchen a neon yellow but a soft undertone, like a canary or dessert yellow, will provide the same effect. The important thing to note here is that white is not an option. Pure white is sterile and uninviting and no buyer wants to enter a home feeling like they’ve walked into a hospital ward. Even an ivory white or a light grey is more inviting. Especially when paired with a great accented pop of color like navy or espresso.

It’s still about color just… “neutralified”. 

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