11 Things to Do the DAY OF Your Open House

Today we’ve got not ten but eleven tips regarding what to do on the day of your open house. Hey, we just want the best for you. If you’re itching to know what to consider before you open the doors, check out yesterday’s post here.

So let’s get started! 

1. Directional Assistance


GPS, iPhones, Androids… everyone has a map in the palm of their hand. So why bother putting up directional signs? Firstly, it draws attention to your open house. Neighbors will see the signs and pass the information along – in other words, free and local advertising. Additionally, sometimes the GPS system hasn’t been updated recently or if there’s been construction and people have to take a detour, signs let them know they are back on track. And let’s be honest, everyone’s been lead astray by the condescending robot at one point in time.

2. Don’t Be Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Mr. and Mrs. Jones may love the house after their visit. But once they get home, the details start to get a little foggy. Then they think “meh, maybe the house wasn’t as great as we remember.” 

To help avoid this situation, have some stylish brochures and informational packets on hand. This way visitors will always have something to refer back to when they leave. And it shouldn’t solely be information about the house. Including tidbits about the schools in the area, local events, and community environment is a nice added touch. After all, there are so many templates available online. Creativeblog.com has conveniently compiled a list of 17 great ones- take a look! And make sure to have ample copies so you don’t run out.

3. Pump Up the Visuals

Photo boards are a great way to curate the visuals you want to highlight. You can display floor plans and the exterior of the home, as well as showcase how the home looks in all different seasons. Or, if you want to save some trees, use your laptop and create an appealing slideshow exhibiting all the home’s best features.

4. Allow Time

Permit visitors enough time to really get a sense of the home. Everyone moves at a different pace and if they are serious about making an offer, they’ll likely be inspecting every nook and cranny with a fine tooth comb.

5. No Puppy-Guarding

Don’t hover. It’s uncomfortable for them and it’s awkward for you. Give people ample space to move about and view each room at their leisure.

6. Let the Sun Shine In


Open all the curtains and let in as much natural light as you can muster. This makes a space seem bigger, brighter (obviously) and more inviting.

7. Music

There’s a lot of debate over whether or not playing music is helpful or detrimental to an open house. On the one hand, it can set a soothing mood and create a relaxed environment. On the other, if potential buyers don’t like your choice of music, it may but a damper on their viewing of the home. Truly, this one is up to you.

8. Smells

This is an important one. Like we said in yesterday’s post, make sure the home has been cleaned a couple days before the open house to avoid the lingering smells of bleach and detergent. But there are tons of other odors to consider. Some people like to spray air fresheners or light scented candles in the bathroom. This is ill advised because many people are actually very sensitive or even allergic to these scents.

9. Heat of the Moment

If it’s cold outside, make sure its welcomingly warm inside. Conversely, if it’s hot out there, crank the air conditioning to cool. Comfort is the main objective here.

10. An Absent Fido and Jinx


Pets are great but they are certainly not for everyone. All four-legged family members should take a trip to a friend’s house a couple days before the open house (and take their scent with them.) And they definitely should not be there on the actual day.

11. Sellers Be Gone

This is vital. Buyers are not at ease when sellers are watching their every move. We’ve heard stories of sellers following buyers around the house and pointing out improvements they’ve made over the years, or hanging around and trying ever so casually to ask “so what do you think?” every five minutes. It’s distracting and in the end, helps no one. Send your sellers out to lunch and ensure a peaceful environment for your open house.


Anything you’d like to add? Tell us in the comments!

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